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By this document (hereinafter – Policy), you, acting on your own free will and previously familiarized with the method of processing of personal data (hereinafter – the Subject), confirm that you give to Individual Entrepreneur Salnytskyi І.V. your truthful and up-to-date personal data for the purpose of using the omgagency.me website (hereinafter the “Site”), and that you hereby expressly and unconditionally consent to their processing and use in accordance with this Policy, namely:

  1. Processing (i.e: collecting, accumulating, systematizing, storing, refining, updating, using, extending, removing, blocking, discarding) personal data without permission (with the exception of the primary consent, which is given by you on a mandatory basis, as a condition of access to the site, information on the site, goods, services posted on the site, etc.), including their transfer to third parties, the composition of the database of personal data, which is maintained in an information (automated) system and card index in the amount not exceeding the necessary for the proper use of the site, providing services, services for advertising and marketing purposes, etc.

1.1 The purpose of processing personal data: identification of the subject, conclusion and execution of contracts (including public) of purchase and sale agreements and/or services or other nature of the agreement, the service, the implementation of advertising and marketing activities of Individual Entrepreneur Salnytskyi І.V. and/or any other purpose, which does not contradict the laws of Ukraine, European Union, United States, etc.

1.2 The owner of the database of personal data is: Individual Entrepreneur Salnytskyi І.V., registered in accordance with the laws of Ukraine, identification number 2412612654, location: Ukraine, 47201, Ternopil region, Zboriv district, Zboriv city, Miru str., bld. 8, apartment 5 (hereinafter – “the Owner”).

1.3. The amount (scope) of personal data that is processed in the personal data base: name, surname, parent’s name, phone number, contact email address, as well as the data that is automatically transferred to the Owner, including IP addresses, Data for third-party information processing and analysis services (Google Analytics, Readymag, Facebook Custom Audiences (Facebook Pixel), mail services, etc., the Owner does not collect data from cookies*, browser information, technical specifications of hardware and software, addresses of pages and other similar information in the volume that does not exceed those necessary for the proper use of the site, providing services, service, implementation of advertising and marketing activities of Individual Entrepreneur Salnytskyi І.V. etc., in accordance with the purpose of Policy.

  1. The owner can use the information about you, your actions on the site, including:

If you comply with our policy or otherwise provide us with information, you authorize the processing and transmission of information, including in/to Ukraine. When settling any disputes, you will agree that Ukrainian legislation will be used, and the applicable law is the laws of Ukraine, and the jurisdiction for settling disputes is also Ukraine.

  1. To share personal data by transferring information about you from the database of personal data to third parties, including legal and natural persons, cooperation of which is necessary to fulfill the purpose, which is specified in paragraph 1.1 (hereinafter referred to as “Partners”); access to personal data of third parties and Partners shall be governed by the law; you as a subject of personal data, give your permission to transfer your personal data to foreign subjects of relations and partners, which will be performed under the conditions of proper protection of this personal data as specified in paragraph 1.1 and no other purpose. The owner will take reasonable steps to protect your information from loss, theft, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction of your information.
  2. For storage of personal data. Owner will store and use information for as long as necessary in order to provide quality services and as long as such use is considered appropriate by the Owner.
  3. To make changes to the personal data without the need to obtain your consent; Forcing the Owner of the personal data base to notify you separately about the transfer of his personal data to third parties and partners, as well as reducing your personal data in automatic mode without the possibility of updating for any reason.

If you would like to receive a personalized letter of notification about cancellation of personal data for any reason, you must submit a separate letter of application to an authorized person of the Owner. You confirm that you received notification of the inclusion of personal data in the database of personal data, created by the Processing of personal data (by showing explicit consent with the Policy, confirming acquaintance with it and unconditional consent through the software and hardware functionality of the Site, checkboxes); Your rights as a subject of personal data are made known and clarified (by explicitly agreeing to the Policy, confirming acquaintance with it through a software and technical facility on the Site, checkboxes).

Individual Entrepreneur Salnytskyi І.V. is not responsible for violation of rights of third parties as a result of your actions related to posting of such personal data. You independently ensure the relevance and validity of the data transmitted, as well as the legitimacy of their provision.

Due to the inclusion of your personal data in the personal data base of Individual Entrepreneur Salnytskyi І.V., you hereby reaffirm that you have been notified of the collection of data, as well as the following rights:

            You may address your questions, suggestions, requests, applications regarding this Policy at any time by e-mail pr@omgagency.me or by written request to the address specified in clause 1.2 of the Policy. Authorized representative of the Owner will provide the information within the time limits specified by the Policy and the law.

 Push notification
If you agree we can send push notifications or notifications when you are on the Site and/or to your email and/or cell phone number, You have provided the forms on the Site to provide information related to the Site, updates, service updates, advertising notices, and other relevant notices. By submitting an application form on the Site you automatically agree to receive messages of informational and/or advertising nature from the Owner and/or its partners. You have the right to withdraw from the distribution by sending a corresponding request by e-mail, writing to the address or using the functionality of the Site (if such functionality is provided by the Owner).


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*A cookie is a text file or files containing a small amount of information that is sent by a web browser and stored on the user’s device. Such devices may include a computer, mobile phone or other device through which the user accesses the Site, the Service. Cookies are often used to evaluate the effectiveness of websites (e.g., to measure the number of visitors and the amount of time they stay on the Site or Service), To identify the most interesting and visited topics and pages and to ensure the ease of access and use of the Site, the Services without collecting any personal information.

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