Influence marketing

we work with opinion leaders of different levels of influence. Every brand/person has its own values and mission, so it is important to properly pick a celebrity or an influencer to broadcast them.
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It’s smashing to work with us because

We collaborate with about 3000 influencers on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Telegram.
Before adding the blogger to the agency’s database we collect feedback about them, check the statistics relevance and evaluate a CRM.
Create native content
Our priority is to create advertising campaigns according to the influencer account’s style and achieve set KPIs.
Collected influencers database
We work with opinion leaders of all levels of influence, from celebrities to nano influencers and bloggers with millions subscribers.

Carry out for the brand

How do we work?

Get to know a brand,
understand the priorities and goals
Work out the strategy
Look for relevant influencers and enter into agreements
Develop a creative communication strategy
Launch content
Evaluate and track campaign’s efficiency
Make report
Ready to create stunning campaigns together?
You are an influencer and want to collaborate with us?
Influence marketing is a brand, product or service promotion via influencers in social media.
It is an organic product advertising that followers take rather as a recommendation, than an aggressive promo.

Why do brands need advertising from bloggers?

Influencer’s audience goes to brand’s page hand
There is an opportunity to make engaging creatives, show a brand from new sides
Audience is loyal to a blogger and trusts advertising from their name
Advertising from bloggers has considerable viral potential circle