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Our partners are the most popular media projects in Ukraine that we cooperate with on exclusive rights.

Performers and label:

alyona alyona
alyona alyona

Main star of the Ukrainian rap, songwriter. Alyona released her debut album “Pushka” in 2019 which became the best album according to the “YUNA 2020” and “A-Prize 2020” awards.

This is when it became clear, she is here for real and for a long time. “Pushka” made some noise both in Ukraine and Europe, so that the biggest hip-hop label Def Jam noticed the rap artist. However Alyona’s successes did not end there. The rap artist released the “GALAS” album in 2021 which she recorded together with the artists from the whole world.

alyona alyona
expert content

True hip-hop label that has set an ambitious goal of creating and developing new Ukrainian music. The label hosted a conference about music business in February 2021. It has set a trend for music education. The leaders of ENKO are alyona alyona, a rap artist and Vaniok Klimenko, a musician and sound producer.


We support and promote development of the blogging sphere in Ukraine by all means. Influencers we are working with are the brightest and the most extraordinary bloggers in the country.


No experience can be gained only by words. All our channels are media assets created from scratch. Now they are popular and large-scale projects. We adore them with all our hearts!
Chotkiy Paca

The biggest Ukrainian channel on YouTube. The main content are parodies of popular video clips. Parody of the clip “Name 505” by “Vremya i Steklo” has the biggest number of views – 53 mln. In the past authors of the channel were making reviews of world and Ukrainian news from the comic point of view, doing raffles and recording life hacks videos.

The project was created on October 31, 2014.

The project of the Chotkiy Paca team. The main content is comic sketches. The biggest number of views had “Games in real life” video where characters did parodies of famous computer games. It was viewed 2,8 mln times.

The channel was created in February 2018.
Chotki news

The project of the Chotkiy Paca team that covers current events in Ukraine and the world in a light comic way.

The channel was created on July 3, 2019.

First Ukrainian comic YouTube series. 

In the center of the action are teenagers who are forced to share one roof of the hostel in the capital of Ukraine. They are so different that it seems they have nothing in common, so they often get into awkward comic situations.

The channel was created on March 21, 2019.

Channel with trends on TikTok and Likee reviews. Tyoha also makes comic videos and parodies. 


Challenges, reactions and news from a comic point of view are the things you can watch on the channel of one of the most charismatic characters of the Chotkiy Paca project. This is the recipe of the perfect evening for those who don’t want to overthink.

The channel was created on August 11, 2017.

Musical project by Chotkiy Paca. The main content is parodies, however boys also record covers of their own songs.

The channel was created on August 22, 2019

Silirada channel posts video clips parodies of the most popular worldwide performers. Rumor has it nobody could help but smile during watching the videos. The most popular ones have 11 mln views.

The channel was created on February 21, 2019
Pereozvuchka UA

Ukrainian humor, funny videos and voice-overs. The channel posts good-quality humor by voicing over famous movies, series and interviews.

The channel was created on July 24, 2019

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We prefer not limit ourselves only with our media resources but also cooperate with top bloggers from various niches. It helps in realization of such advertising campaigns that aim at once in your heart.
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